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Regular inspections and maintenance are part of owning any mechanical system.Ask Max Cartoon Character

Electrical systems, sprinklers, HVAC, plumbing, escalators and elevators are a few examples.  They all require periodic maintenance to keep running at peak efficiency and to prolong their useful lives and protect your investment.

A roof is no different. Your roof experiences more abuse than any other exterior part of your building. Hail, wind, extreme temperature changes, trash; all of these are potential hazards.  A contractor dropping a screwdriver, an exhaust fan spitting food waste or grease attracting birds and insects, dust from fields, leaves clogging drains, a dislocated drain kicked by an unaware maintenance worker all happen more often than most building owners realize. A roof is out of sight and out of mind.  When a roof system is maintained properly, each of these small issues are easy to mitigate before they become large and expensive big problems like dry rot, toxic mold, or sanitary compromise.

Most roofing system manufacturers require periodic maintenance with date logging, pictures, and detailed checklists and notes about the state of the roof to maintain a valid warranty. Many manufacturers require these inspections be done by a certified professional.

Bay Quality Roofing and Building Services is your partner to help you with your roofing, building, and property maintenance needs. Allow our experienced professionals to be your eyes and maintenance record keepers. That way, if you need to file a warranty claim we have you covered and can work with you or on your behalf to protect your investment.

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roof maintenanceMaintaining your investment, whether it’s your home or commercial property, is fundamental to ensuring longevity and reduced operating costs. Bay Quality Maintenance will perform a free visual inspection of your property and offer environmentally cost-effective customized maintenance solutions to maximize the life of your properties components. Not only will it reduce the number of surprise issues, but proper maintenance programs can also help increase the return on your investment.

emergency roof repairYour roof is a large investment. By performing regular maintenance, it will ensure that your roof remains as effective and efficient as the first day it was installed. Regular maintenance and inspections will also ensure that your roof continues to perform in the manner in which it was designed and ensures compliance with manufacturer’s warranties.

Roof maintenance and repair is an effective way to protect your investment. It has been shown that a clean, well-maintained roof will effectively reflect more of the sun’s harmful rays and extend the life of your roof. By implementing a regular maintenance program, you will be able to capture and optimize the return on your original investment. Bay Quality Roofing can help you protect your investment by deciding which of our programs will best fit your needs and your budget.

At Bay Quality Roofing, we work with our clients to design a customized roof maintenance program. These programs include regular inspections, and routine work as necessary to ensure that your roof remains energy-efficient and problem free.

Max Maintenance

Bay Quality Roofing Maintenance Repairs Services – Max Maintenance


Q: Why do I need a maintenance program if I already have a warranty? A: Because a warranty doesn't extend the life of your roof!After we install your new roofing system you can rest easy with our Max Maintenance Guarantee. This industry-leading program provides an extended warranty beyond the manufacturer provided warranty. After consulting with you to develop a unique plan tailored to your specific needs, Bay Quality Roofing and Building Services will set a ceiling rate on your maintenance visits. Our maintenance and cleaning will not exceed that Max Maintenance rate and is often less! Knowing your annual maintenance costs allows you to budget responsibly and give you peace of mind.Max Maintenance Truck



When you elect to take advantage of this program our professional team will perform our 22 point inspection and maintenance on your new roof including minor repairs, maintain service logs, monitor conditions on your roof and alert you to any potential issues long before they become major headaches. We will provide you with before and after pictures of our work as well as areas of concern.

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Bay Quality Roofing Maintenance Services – Emergency

emergency roof repairsThe Bay Quality Rooting emergency repair team is here to help you with your commercial or industrial roof problems and will come to your site to assess the problem and will fix the problem with either a temporary or a final solution, depending on the circumstances and the complexity of your roofing problem. Regardless, we are here to help you resolve your emergency issues and provide you with a lasting solution to protect your investment. You can call us or fill out the form on the screen and someone will get back to you shortly!


Bay Quality Roofing Maintenance Repairs Services

emergency repairs for roofsRepair services are available to you with a few clicks of the mouse or a phone call, whether you are a current customer of Bay Quality Roofing or if you need a professional roofing team to assess your repair requirement and get it done right: call us of fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.