Make the Switch to Solar Power in Freedom, CA

Solar Roof

It’s pretty much a given that business costs generally rise on a consistent basis. It’s also commonly accepted that saving money is a good thing, especially if it doesn’t take much work. So, if you were told that you could quickly put a dent in your power bill, you’d jump at the chance, wouldn’t you? That’s where solar power in Freedom, CA, comes into the picture. It’s abundant energy which is easy to harness.

There is one major consideration which should be kept in mind when you are planning the switch. Solar is a wise investment, but roof-mounted installations require a solid roof on which to build. There is no sense in starting a project only to find that within a relatively short time you have to take everything apart to repair your roof or purchase a new one. You need a secure foundation that’s going to last as long as the life expectancy of the solar panels we install.

The typical payback on a project is 20 years, which means your roof should last as long. Our roofing services allow you to meet and exceed those timelines. At Bay Quality Roofing, have many different options available for you to choose from according to your specific location.

Embrace the Benefits

Many regions provide tax breaks on top of the massive federal incentives to encourage businesses and individuals to switch to using solar energy. Not only that, there are often rebates on related purchases. Also, if your system generates more voltage than you use, the option exists for supplying power into the commercial electrical grid and benefiting from a reduction in your bill. That’s right; the power company pays you for the energy you generate.

As climate change continues to be an issue of concern, any steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact are beneficial. Solar panels fit that bill since they lessen dependence on the commercial power system with a corresponding decrease in the emissions of greenhouse gases.

To find out more about this increasingly popular source of electricity, reach out to our team of experienced technicians. They are ready to explain the steps and benefits of switching.

Contact us to learn more about the solar projects we can undertake for your business. We proudly serve customers across California from our location in Freedom, CA.